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...and since my name is Nara, it seemed natural to call my portrait site, NaraKURO.


My background is in commercial editing, but my favourite course in film school was photography.

Back then I used a manual camera with real film, I developed and printed my own photos, and I focused only on distant, architectural shots in a freezing cold environment (Ithaca, NY).

Two sons, thousands of photos, and many years later, not only has my passion for photography grown, it has now shifted to up-close portrait photos of kids, kids who show the warmth of their hearts on their sleeves.

From the very first test photo I took of my oldest boy in our living room (see photo), I felt like I'd found a technique that captured the essence of a child in a way that was more heartfelt than the average family portrait.


And that’s why I think parents like these portraits; because they're warm, because they're deeply personal, and because they're uniquely intimate photos of their kids.



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